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Puppy Prices

      Standard Sheepadoodles (55-85lbs)

Black & White: $3,000

Sable/Brown/Red/Phantom: $3,200

Merles: $3,500

Mini-Sheepadoodles (35-50lbs)

Black & White: $3,500

    Standard Bernedoodles (60-90lbs)

     Cream/Red/Blonde & White $3,000

Black & Tan: $3,500

Tricolor: $4000

Mini Bernedoodles (25-50lbs) 

Black: $3000

Black & Tan & $4,000

Merle: $4,300

Merle & Tan 4,500

**artificial insemination is used for our minis and so litters may be smaller**

Blue eyes $300 (one blue eye $150)

1st pick male/female: message for more info.



-Puppy price is locked in once your deposit is received & will not change.

-Non-Refundable Deposit: $250 to join our waitlist & $250 once a puppy slot is made available to you, & you are interested in reserving it (total puppy deposit is $500 & is applied towards the total cost of your puppy).

-All puppies come with a spay/neuter contract.

-Puppies are not sold with breeding rights unless rights were approved prior to sale.


-We have the right to refuse the purchase of a puppy at any time.

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