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The Sheepadoodle is a designer dog - a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle.   Sheepadoodle are intelligent, easy to train, playful, extremely social and very affectionate,  making them excellent family dogs.   Although the Sheepadoodle can also be very shaggy, they have non-shedding hair, which is great for people with severe allergies.  They can range in size from minis to the larger standard size.  They also come in a variety of colors, but most commonly in black & white. 


Old English Sheepdog

Standard Poodle






Weight: 50-85 lbs 

 Height:  18-28 in

Lifespan:  12 to 15 years

Coat:  long, soft, wavy, curly

 Color:  black & white, black,

sable, tri-colored, merle



  • hypoallergenic

  • affectionate

  • great family dogs

  • playful

  • non-shedding

  • intelligent

  • easy to train

  • healthy due to hybrid vigor

About Us

Howdy!  My name is Alex and I am originally from Texas.  As a teenager, I worked in a ranch near El Paso and lived in a small farm.   Some of my tasks included sheering sheep, milking goats, feeding livestock, building corals, and delivering baby goats, cattle, sheep, and even kittens.   In my spare time, I purchased livestock, such as goats, chickens, pigs, geese, and other animals.   I bred goats and exotic chickens always striving to improve my stock.    I owned an Old English Sheepdog and a mini poodle. I also had a tendency of bringing stray dogs home, or dogs that families couldn’t care for anymore.  We lived on several acres and had plenty of room for the dogs to run around.  I had a German shepherd, Lab mix, Cocker Spaniel, Husky, and several other crossbreeds.  I always tried keeping my limit to no more than 10 dogs.  If one found a home, I always had room for one more.  My goal was to give them love, maintain or improve their health, and find them a good home.  Working with animals has always been my passion and one of my favorite hobbies.

Life in Arizona brought many good changes, besides bad allergies.  I finished school, bought a home, legally adopted my two nephews, and brought home our first Sheepdog in years.  I originally began breeding Old English Sheepdogs, but shortly after meeting a Sheepadoodle for the first time, I was completely enamored.  It was the perfect combination of two amazing breeds that I really love.  I love how silly and goofy sheepdogs are and the intelligence and elegance of poodles.  After much research, I become more and more intrigued by the breed and brought home our first poodle in years.  I have been specializing in Sheepadoodles for about 3 years.  It is a process my family and I really enjoy.  Our goal is to produce and provide families with beautiful, healthy, puppies with great temperaments.

About Our Puppies

Our puppies are raised inside our home.  We practice Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) at 3 days old, and handle them frequently.   Their first few weeks are spent in a whelping box that's designed to help with potty training.  We also put their favorite Netflix shows for them to watch almost daily.  This helps them become familiar with different sounds.    The puppies are introduced  to soft foods around their 4th week.  We do our best socializing them in our home with family members, and our other pets, including our tortoise.  We cuddle, and play with them daily.   We also allow them to explore within our home and back yard once they are older.   We enjoy the puppies and the process of raising them while we have them.  When it's time to say goodbye, we are satisfied knowing they were given extra attention, love, and the best possible beginning.  It warms our hearts knowing they are going to homes where the love and support will be continued.


Wild West



Kingsley is our standard, brown & white poodle.  He comes from exceptional bloodlines.  This handsome guy weighs 50 lbs.  He is 24 in. at the shoulders, and loves to strut his stuff.  Kingsley is extremely confident, loving, cuddly, with tons of energy and extremely smart. His favorite hobbies include fetching, playing with his humans and being groomed.  Kingsley is also available for stud services.  


***Studs can change at any time due to unforeseen situations***

Griffon is our handsome, merle, standard poodle.  He is 65 lbs, 26 inches at the shoulders.  Griffon is the sweetest, silliest goofball.  He is always ready to play with his humans or paw friends.  His hobbies include: fetch, pouncing and bouncing, cuddling, and collecting toys and stuffed animals. 



Princeton is our stunning Standard Poodle.  He is driven to please his humans and enjoys running and staying active. Princeton is extremely intelligent, loving and always up for any adventures that come his way. His coat is thick with curls and does not shed. Princeton weighs 70lbs.  



Elsie is our Old English Sheepdog, with Champion bloodlines.  She is 24 in tall and 77 lbs.  Elsie is an exceptional and patient mom. She loves spending time next to family, and is as devoted to her pups as she is to us.  Her hobbies include, opening the back yard door, cuddling her toys and watching Netflix. 



Simone is our striking Old English Sheepdog.  She is very stocky and weighs 70 lbs and is 24 in at the withers.  Simone has Champion Bloodlines and an excellent pedigree! She is the sweetest sheepdog ever.  Her favorite things to do are fetching, trying to be the fastest, cuddling and being next to her family. 



Zelda is our gorgeous, standard F1 Sheepadoodle, bred here at Wild West Sheepadoodles.  She stands 25 in tall and weighs 73lbs.  Zelda has an excellent temperament, she is gentle, sweet, loving and extremely affectionate.  Her favorite hobbies are: going for walks, watching TV, cuddling, and drinking from the water hose. 



This is our pretty girl Mishka, our 65lb Old English Sheepdog.  She is an outstanding addition to our breeding program.  Mishka is sweet and good-natured. She is very affectionate, great with kids and other dogs.  Her hobbies include, jogging with her humans, chasing balls, car rides and eating all the doggie treats. 


We are very exited about our beautiful and sweet Bernedoodle, Valkyrie.  Not only is she loving and gentle, but she is confident and has a beautiful stride. Her dad was a large 110lb Bernese Mountain Dog and her mom a Standard Poodle. Valkyrie enjoys being a Netflix snuggle buddy as much as going for walks or jogs. She has a beautiful wavy coat and is a minimal shedder. Her Bernedoodle puppies will be hypoallergenic and minimal shedders, if at all. Valkyrie weighs 75lbs and will produce large tri-colored Bernedoodles 

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The Parents

We are expecting puppies fall of 2021.  Please Contact us for more details on puppy availability and waitlist information.


Standard F1 Bernedoodles

Available Puppies



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IMG_9877 2.heic



Sheepadoodle puppy pictures below are from previous litters.

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IMG_0742 2
IMG_9245 2
IMG_9159 3

PricinG & Information

Standard Sheepadoodle (50-85lb)

Black & White: $3000 

Sable/Brown/Red: $3200

Merle: $3500 

Blue eyes $300 (one blue eye $150)

1st pick male/female: email for more info.


Mini Sheepadoodle (35-50 lb)

Coming soon!  Message us for more info on Micro Sheepadoodles.

Puppy price is locked in and will not change when non-refundable waitlist deposit is received.

 *Prices subject to change without notice* 


Puppy Deposits are $500, however, placement on the "Waitlist" requires a $250 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit is applied to the total purchase price of your puppy.  Waitlist deposits give first choice of the puppies, male/female, in the order that deposits were placed/received.  Waitlist deposits guarantee sex only, not color or size.  Once puppies are born, an additional $250 "Puppy Deposit" is due within 48hrs.  This reserves your spot for a puppy from that specific litter if one becomes available to you.   If we fail to hear from you within 48 hours, your spot will be transferred onto the following litter available.  The total $500 puppy deposit is applied towards your total puppy balance.

All "Waitlist" deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If the adult female of your choice does not produce the sex of the puppy of your choice, your deposit will be transferred to a different or upcoming litter (please note if any upcoming litter has previous deposits, those previous deposits will have priority). You may pass TWO times, an additional deposit is then required to stay on the list(s)
A $500 "Puppy Deposit" is required to hold any available puppy at anytime.  No puppy will be considered on hold until a full puppy deposit has been received.

-All "Puppy Deposits" are NON-REFUNDABLE.  The only exception is if something unforeseeable was to happen to your puppy, in which case your deposit would be fully refunded or you may choose to apply your deposit towards the purchase of another puppy from another litter.

-The deposit signifies good intent on the behalf of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy.
-Please be aware that we reserve the right to have first and second pick of any litter. 

-All puppies must be paid in full after "puppy selection week" (between their 6-7 week, unless other arrangements are made in advance).

If you are shipping your puppy your final payment must be received at least 3 weeks prior to shipping.  Any delay in the final payment could result in a delay in shipping or picking up your puppy and additional fees.  It is agreed that the Buyer accepts all responsibility for any additional boarding and shipping fees.

Extended Stay

-Puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old. Extended boarding for your puppy is available at:

     8+ Weeks Old - $50/day


-Puppies must be examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours after bringing them home in order to determine if the puppy has any serious health issues and may need to be returned/exchanged.

-Puppies come with a 1-year health guarantee from date of birth against all serious life-altering congenital diseases or genetic defects.  They will come up to date on shots, vet examined, microchipped, dewormed, and with a small puppy food supply to mix in with your puppy food.   

-Puppy tails are kept long and natural. 

-We do not guarantee against treatable nuisances such as:

  • Fungus/Yeast

  • Parasites/Ear mites

  • Respiratory Infections

  • Coccidia/Giardia

We have taken every precaution to avoid these issues.

Breeding Rights

-ALL puppies are SOLD ON A STRICT SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT.  Breeding rights are available to small, approved breeders. 

Payment Options

-Snail Mail with a Money Order/Cashier's Check (email us at wildwestsheepadoodles@yahoo.com for our address or send us a message via chat at the bottom right corner).

-PayPal option below, however, there is a 4% sales increase when using PayPal. 

-Venmo and Zelle below. 

PayPal Instructions

-To be added to our "Waitlist" for an unborn litter, use the "Waitlist Deposit" option.  

-To pay a deposit on a born puppy, select the "Puppy Deposit" option.

-Paypal not accepted for final puppy payment.

Health Guarantee:

There is a 4% sales increase using Paypal 


Zelle @
915.227.4947 (Alex)

Also accepted:    
Money Orders & Cashier's Checks


"Happiness is a warm puppy"

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