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About Us


Howdy!  My name is Alex and I am originally from Texas.  As a teenager, I worked in a ranch near El Paso and lived in a small farm.   Some of my tasks included sheering sheep, milking goats, feeding livestock, building corals, and delivering baby goats, cattle, sheep, and even kittens.   In my spare time, I purchased livestock, such as goats, chickens, pigs, geese, and other animals.   I bred goats and exotic chickens always striving to improve my stock.    I owned an Old English Sheepdog and a mini poodle. I also had a tendency of bringing stray dogs home, or dogs that families couldn’t care for anymore.  We lived on several acres and had plenty of room for the dogs to run around.  I had a German shepherd, Lab mix, Cocker Spaniel, Husky, and several other crossbreeds.  I always tried keeping my limit to no more than 10 dogs.  If one found a home, I always had room for one more.  My goal was to give them love, maintain or improve their health, and find them a good home.  Working with animals has always been my passion and one of my favorite hobbies.

Life in Arizona brought many good changes.  I finished school, bought a home, legally adopted my two nephews, and brought home our first Sheepdog in years.  I originally began breeding Old English Sheepdogs, but shortly after meeting a Sheepadoodle for the first time, I was completely enamored.  It was the perfect combination of two amazing breeds that I really love.  I love how silly and goofy sheepdogs are and the intelligence and elegance of poodles.  After much research, I become more and more intrigued by the breed and brought home our first poodle in years.  I have been specializing in Sheepadoodles for about 3 years.  It is a process my family and I really enjoy.  Our goal is to produce and provide families with beautiful, healthy, puppies with great temperaments.

About Our Puppies

Our puppies are raised inside our home.  We practice Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) at 3 days old, and handle them frequently.   Their first few weeks are spent in a whelping box that's designed to help with potty training.  We also put their favorite Netflix shows for them to watch almost daily.  This helps them become familiar with different sounds.    The puppies are introduced  to soft foods around their 4th week.  We do our best socializing them in our home with family members, and our other pets, including our tortoise.  We cuddle, and play with them daily.   We also allow them to explore within our home and back yard once they are older.   We enjoy the puppies and the process of raising them while we have them.  When it's time to say goodbye, we are satisfied knowing they were given extra attention, love, and the best possible beginning.  It warms our hearts knowing they are going to homes where the love and support will be continued.

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